The Fides Trusted Vault

The Trusted Vault is an electronic safety deposit box for all information related to an individual. This is where all the biometrics, identity checks, documents and photos  are stored. Vaults can be viewed individually or administered from our web portal for company management. User access is determined by user privileges. Our web portal allows for visibility at every level, including access to customer vaults and a look at what checks have been performed on these individuals.

The Trusted Vault is POPI compliant. We record all activity performed by users in a secure audit log and each function has a unique tracking ID.

Our cloud solution can be hosted by Fides or your company can  host the cloud environment. The vault is fully customizable and we work with you every step of the way to fulfil any or all of your requirements.

What can you and your customer do in the Trusted Vault?

Cloud Biometric Enrolment and Verification

Know who your customer is

Enrol,store and verify any individual both face and non face-to-face

Before any business occurs, take comfort in knowing who you are dealing with

Allow customer to upload documents and capture photographs

Real-time cost saving solution

Corporates can view the vault while the customer uploads their information

Your customer can now complete your business process from the comfort of their home. Account origination and claim processing becomes a breeze

Perform any Identity Check on any individual

Real time verification of any individual

ID Verification, Bank Account Verification, Credit Checks

Know that the information the consumer uploads is matched to their historical data
  • Each individual has their own vault
  • Customer and Corporate can access the vault at the same time
  • Cloud repository for all information related to an individual
Trusted Vault

Vault secured by your choice of multi factor authentication

  • Fingerprints
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Eye Verification
  • One Time Pins (SMS/Email)
  • USSD Messaging
  • Username and Password
  • Customised questions based on consumer credit profile amongst other sources

Cloud storage services

documentsDocument and Photo Storage

All documents and photos relating to the individual are stored securely in the cloud. Documents can be scanned/uploaded and opened in the vault. Documents can be digitally signed and certified from the time they are captured to ensure authenticity.

digital signature


With a signature pad installed, e-signatures can be captured and stored in the vault.

cloud storageUnstructured Identity Data Storage

All documents relating to the individual are stored securely in the cloud. Documents can be scanned/uploaded and opened in the vault.

Integrate any functionality we offer into any business process through web service calls

Web Service Call