Identity Checks

Fides uses various vendors and partners to provide a holistic view of any individual. The majority of these checks are real-time and therefore allow you to verify any individual before they engage with your company at any touchpoint. The aim of these checks is to stop identity theft and reduce incorrect capturing of demographic information.

These checks are available through our front-end or can be integrated into your existing systems via web service calls.

identity checkPersonal Details

IDV real-time checks can be performed via a secure link to access the information held by the Department of Home Affairs. The IDV check returns individual’s: Title, Gender, Name, Surname, ID Number, Date of Birth, Physical Address and Status (Active/Deceased)

Real Time Bank Account Verification

Account Number linked to ID Number, Accepts Debits and Credits, Active or Dormant Account.

credit check

Credit Checks

Credit checks are performed through our credit bureau partners and are then stored in the vault.

qualification checkDemographic Checks

Driver’s license, professional driving permits, qualification checks to name a few.

criminal check

Criminal Checks

Enrol individual’s fingerprints online or offline and submit criminal checks to SAPS Afiswitch as frequently as required. This eliminates the need for the individual to be present each time a criminal check is submitted.

Plugin any component (via web API) into your existing system at any point in your business process in real-time.