Setup the Vault – Perform these steps using Internet Explorer

Download the Vault

Download using Internet Explorer

Click on the Desktop Icon to Access the Vault

Enter your Username and Password

Network and Security Settings Checklist

  • Proxy Settings may be blocking the Fides Trusted Vault from opening. To fix this go to Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Untick: Use a Proxy Server -> Click OK
  • Add the following sites to the list of Trusted Sites –
    & (net.tcp:// & Port 70 000

Setup is now complete for Standard Trusted Vault Users

There are two types of Trusted Vault Users

  • Standard Trusted Vault User
  • Biometric/ Afiswitch Trusted Vault User

Registration Process for Afiswitch Users

Complete the Application Form

Application Forms

New User Application Form

Dual User Application Form

(If you have performed criminal checks before, please complete the Dual User Application Form)

Send us your Documents

  • User Application Form
  • Latest Criminal Check
  • Training Certificate
  • Copy of your ID

Setup your Fingerprint Scanner

  • The scanner will only work once you have installed the drivers
  • Make sure you install the Windows files
  • Check with your IT Security that your network is not blocking the use of the vault

Assistance via Online Chat or TeamViewer

If you are having difficulties with either your hardware or software, we are more than happy to chat to you online or do a TeamViewer session with you.

Additional files you may need

Application Integration

Fides API Documentation