Cloud Biometrics

All our biometric features are invoked using web service calls. With flexibility in mind, these capabilities plug into already existing processes. These biometric solutions can be used to manage authentication, user logins, customer identification as well as time and attendance. For organisations that rely on historical data – like banks, insurers, credit lenders, and hospitals – biometrics serves to protect against Identity Fraud, which is on the rise.

At Fides, we’ve worked hard to differentiate ourselves in the market by ensuring that all of our solutions are fully compatible with reputable scanners.


Compatible with all reputable Scanners

Offline and Online Verification

Our Cloud Biometrics cater for all industries and all needs


Inbound and Outbound Calls

Passive and Active Authentication

A secure, remote authentication channel


Smart Phone Eye Verification

The one device we all carry everywhere

Mobile solution for KYC, banking, retail and eCommerce


Enroll individual’s fingerprints both online and offline. Use fingerprint verification as an additional authentication measure in your business. Biometrics can be integrated into any of your existing business processes. You are not limited by any scanner type as Fides biometrics are hardware agnostic.

Fides is compatible with the following fingerprint biometric scanners

  • Cogent
  • Futronic
  • Lumidigm
  • Sagem
  • Suprema


Through our voice biometric partners, we enable voice authentication for our client’s needs. We provide both passive and active authentication solutions. Passive authentication is when a customer is being authenticated in the background while speaking to an agent. Active authentication  is used when customers are required to enroll their voices on the system for access. The voice biometric print is stored in the vault and can be embedded into any existing process.

Fides has partnered with OneVaultthe voice authentication specialist in the South African market place.


Enroll and verify an eye print using a standard, off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet. This solution is an enterprise level authentication and identification KYC technology used for business and government. We’ve partnered with eyeThenticate, the eye authentication specialist in the South African market place.