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Fingerprints, Voice and Eye

Offline and Online identification and verification

Our Cloud Biometrics cater for all industries and all needs

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Identity Checks

Know more about your customer

Real Time Checks

A Fraud and Risk Management solution

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Trusted Vault

Store artifacts related to an individual

Repository in the cloud

Cost effective customer solution

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

All documents and photos relating to the individual are stored securely in the cloud.

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Latest News – Fides Cloud Technologies is now trading as WhoYou

We’d like to inform you that Fides Cloud Technologies is changing its name and brand to WhoYou as we evolve in our journey as your trusted identity partner.

Since 2011, we have developed a strong reputation as the trusted biometric identity provider for several major players in the private and public financial services sector in South Africa.

We started with our highly regarded Trusted Vault technology, which led the way in safely and securely storing biometric and identity data in the cloud.

It’s since evolved into WhoYou, which builds upon the Trusted Vault by offering an expanded array of fraud-prevention identity verification solutions that can address your biometric, customer onboarding, and digital identity needs.

Late last year, we also launched our WhoYou app for Android, iOS and Windows: a game-changer in helping businesses and individuals know who they’re dealing with by verifying their fingerprint or facial data in real-time.

Under the brand WhoYou, we are set to take our offerings even further with new innovations.

Visit WhoYou for further information

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